Fabulous Photo Booths

Popular questions answered for your convenience!


  1. Q-Can I view the booth before committing to a purchase?
  2. A-Yes, you can view by appointment in Cape Town or Fourways, Johannesburg


  1. Q-What is the exact equipment you use in the photo booth?
  2. A-We use a webcam, computer, printer, shell and professional photo booth software, but we don’t divulge the makes and models to the public. It took us a lot of time and money to create this successful combination of equipment, so we regard it as a secret.


  1. Q-Can I pay the photo booth off?
  2. A-Yes you can! Click Here to apply online and see if you qualify for finance


  1. Q-How does payment work?
  2. A-We require 50% deposit on order and the balance before dispatch.


  1. Q-What is your lead time after I pay the deposit?
  2. A-If we have units in stock, we can assemble and dispatch within 3-5 working days.


  1. Q-How long does delivery take?
  2. A-3 days from date of dispatch (add an extra day for outlying areas)


  1. Q-What is the guarantee?
  2. A-All components except the camera and PC carry a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Camera & PC are covered for 1 year.


  1. Q-Do you offer support & training?
  2. A-Yes, we offer unlimited phone and email support. Although not necessary, in person training can be provided in Fourways or Cape Town.


  1. Q-How much does the photo booth weigh?
  2. A-Approximately 15kg


  1. Q-How does the guaranteed buy back offer work?
  2. A-We will buy your photo booth back for 50% of the purchase price within the first 3 months, provided it is still in excellent condition. You will need to pay to have it delivered to us in Cape Town.


  1. Q-Where are you based?
  2. A-We are in Welgelegen, Cape Town and deliver the booths country wide.


  1. Q-Are we able to download the photos onto a cd or USB to give to the clients?
  2. A-Yes, the software automatically sorts each events photos into separate labelled folders on the PC which can easily be copied.


  1. Q-Will the photo booth fit in my car?
  2. A-Yes, the photo booth can be disassembled into very small sections that can fit into any car.


  1. Q-What does it cost to print a photo?
  2. A-R4 per print for the Silver option and R2.90 per print for the Gold & Platinum options – including ink


  1. Q-Where can I buy the ink and paper?
  2. A-These items are readily available and the cheapest supplier is based in Gauteng. Order online via their website and have it delivered to your door countrywide within 72 hours.


  1. Q-Can I resell the booth?
  2. A-You most certainly can.


  1. Q-Is any further commitments to Fabulous Photo Booths or is this an outright purchase?
  2. A-It is a 100% outright purchase with zero restrictions or hidden conditions.




  1. Q-Do you limit the number of sales per area?
  2. A-Yes, this is carefully controlled.


  1. Q-What size photos does it print?
  2. A-Silver option prints a standard post card size print. Gold & Platinum can print a 15×20 Jumbo print!


  1. Q-Does the booth require any servicing or maintenance?
  2. A-The photo booth is a zero maintenance machine! Your only expense ever is the paper and ink.


  1. Q-Do any of the packages include the fun props?
  2. A-No, due to personal preferences we don’t supply these items. However, they can be purchased cheaply at China Town. If you don’t have one of these stores near you, we will gladly purchase these items on your behalf and send them with your order.